Dominic "Harmini" Bonsignore is a multi-talented rap recording artist whose music and message is able to impact and edify the Christian community as well as cross over to positively influence secular audiences. "Harmini" is currently represented by Rightway Management, Prolific Management, and Christian Artists International, Inc. Harmini's songs are spiced with deep melodic harmonies accompanied by passionate vocals that engage listeners to focus on his message and God given talent that shines on stage and abroad for people to enjoy. 

Harmini's new cd/album, "Mixed Messages" can now be purchased online wherever music is sold. Songs from the new cd/album are currently in rotation on radio stations and radio shows across the U.S.A. and abroad. Two of his latest songs "Run" and "God is Great" featuring Christian rap artist Da'T.R.U.T.H. were the first to be released to radio from the new project. Another song off the newly released album titled "Follow Me" featuring Christian rap artist Young Noah has also been released to radio along with others from this new record.  His hit video, "If I Go Away" was aired on over 90 video channels worldwide and continues on the upward swing along with other video projects such as "Come Home" and "Against The Ropes", which continue to garner the interest of both national and international audiences.
A new television series with Harmini and Uplift TV is currently being discussed and could quite possibly take place sometime in the near future. Harmini is also scheduled to be on an upcoming Christian reality show (more on that soon). Harmini is currently working on new videos and song projects that will be released throughout the year. He is currently booking nationwide solo performance dates, as well as combined dates with Willow City, Emi Sunshine, Angie Rose, Datin Berrios, V. Rose, and more. Harmini is currently pursuing several new opportunities that have come his way do to his outstanding performances at the prestigious SXSW music festival in Austin, Texas. 

Harmini is equipped with a multitude of professional talents ranging from songwriting, to rapping, to singing, to acting, to film production, and public speaking which continue to garner attention from fans and industry professionals around the world. He is currently a songwriter for the upcoming 2020 movie "Brothers Keeper", starring Hollywood actors Laurence Fishburne, Milo Gibson, Noel Gugliemi, Glenn Morshower, Abigail Hawk, and more. This song will also include a music video not long after it's release. The movie trailer for "Brother's Keeper" is scheduled to be released in 2020. Harmini's upcoming song "This Changes Everything" is not only the main soundtrack for the movie, but will also appear in the action trailer as well. The first Red Carpet Movie Premiere was held on March 30th, 2019 where Harmini performed his song live in front of thousands of people who were in attendance. Harmini is also a songwriter for the upcoming Netflix movie "Outbreak Z" starring Wesley Snipes. His soundtrack for this movie will feature national R&B recording artist "Angel" from the UK and will also include a music video as well. Harmini is also a songwriter for the 2021 western movie titled "Confederate Gold", the 2021 movie titled "Death Kiss 2" starring Danny Trejo, a 2020 movie titled "Lycantrophia" which will be filmed in Scotland, and his newly released song "Champion" is now the main soundtrack for the upcoming movie "Smokers" starring Costas Mandylor and Louis Mandylor. 

Harmini has performed on the same stages as other national recording artists such as "Sir Earl Toon Jr." from the world renowned band Kool & the Gang, Jamie Grace, Sanctus Real, Manifest, Matt Adler, V-Rose, Disciple, Children 18:3, Rapture Ruckus, Andy Mineo, Canon, Abandon, Json, Lil Rascal, Nick Gonzalez of Salvador as well as television icons such as Stephen Baldwin and Freeway Rick Ross. 

Harmini was the principle actor as well as the co-producer for the film trailer “The Re-acquaintance”, "357", and "A MeaningFull Life". He was also the principle actor in Laterras R. Whitfield's "I Forgive You" Stage Production feat. Internationally known Christian Rap artist "Da'T.R.U.T.H.". Harmini is also an actor in the upcoming movie "Smokers", as well as a co-star actor in the upcoming western movie "Confederate Gold", and "Lycantrophia".

Harmini's music was also chosen as the anthem track for MMA Fighter Mike Diorio. Mike, who fights under the name "God's Warrior", fought at the Bellator World Championship Grand Prix in Uniondale, NY. The event aired live to millions of people on Paramount Network, the Bellator app, and throughout social media. Harmini's song "God Is Great" was the entrance song for the MMA fighter as he walked into the ring. Harmini's song titled

"Champion" has also been used in MMA and Boxing matches throughout the USA. The song has been deemed a powerful anthem track for sporting events and competitive sports figures looking for a burst of energy before stepping into their professional element. 

Harmini has received publicity on media outlets such as the Trinity Broadcasting Network "TBN", Rapzilla, Juce TV, ThisIs50, Parables Network, UpLift Tv, The Chuckie Perez Show, ATL Bangerz, New York Bangerz, LA Bangerz, Texas Bangerz, The Detroit Entrepreneur, Drama Like The DJ, Its Biz Kit, Track Starz, Rap Head, Hip Hop Since 1987, The Hype Magazine, Music News, New York Underground Radio, the Del Rio newspaper, Denton Times newspaper, the Alamogordo NM newspaper and more. He has been featured on news channels such as ABC, NBC, CBS, KSLA Channel 12, WENY-TV, KTEN, News 12, and Internationally on the Iran Alive Ministries program. His songs are currently airing on radio stations across the USA as well as the UK, India, Germany, Switzerland, and Africa.



My name is Dominic Bonsignore, more commonly known as the rap artist "HARMINI". I grew up in the projects of Riverview in Elmira, NY. Both my brother and I were raised by our mom who was a single parent [struggling with Tourette’s Syndrome] and on welfare.

At age seven I was molested by a local stranger who lived in our complex - which led to the beginning of my personal life spiraling in a downward direction that was soon out of control. At age ten I began using drugs and was addicted to and/or using up to 8 drugs for most of my childhood and teen years. When I was 15, our home was raided by the Elmira PD for drug trafficking; a second raid was conducted by Elmira S.W.A.T. when I was 17. For 12 years I ran the streets with thugs, local gang bangers, rappers, drug dealers and users. As the downward spiral of my life continued, it led to jail, then to prison. I ended up on probation four times during my teenage years and was hooked to the ankle bracelet for one year. I was placed in Glove house twice, rehab twice and was also hospitalized more than a dozen times for drug over dose and suicide attempts, having my stomach pumped several times with black charcoal. I was placed in detention homes, drug programs and respite homes numerous times. My repeated delinquent behaviors as a wayward child built me the reputation of an unreachable heathen without hope for change. All these activities, including the jail and prison terms, occurred before I was 21 years old.

While approaching the final two months of incarceration, I received word that my mother had been diagnosed with lung cancer. Two weeks before my scheduled release, she lost the fight she’d briefly warred. My brother, Anthony, promised our mom on her death bed as she was approaching that golden hour that he would try his hardest to be patient with me and to take care of me when I got out of incarceration. He met me at the opening gate of the jail facility and that very day took me under his wing, in hopes that he might give me a chance to pick up the broken pieces of my shattered life. Upon release, I had no work experience (except in sales and distribution of illegal substances), no driver’s license, no understanding whatsoever on how to live in the real world and was recognizably ignorant on how to manage the normal responsibilities of everyday life. [My brother relocated us to New Mexico and I returned to the only life I knew.]

All the hardcore drug addictions I battled had me chained and bound in a dungeon of sorrows for twelve years of my life. Even though I went through multiple drug programs, suffered the misery of incarceration, and spent most of my childhood in and out of therapy sessions - nothing seemed to have the power to bring me the freedom I so desperately needed. Then, one day in my living room in the middle of Albuquerque, NM I had an encounter with someone that literally changed my life forever. In less than two months after I had this genuine encounter, people all around me began to witness these massive addictions suddenly just start falling powerless behind me. At that time, I began pursuing what was responsible for this transformation... Jesus Christ. I found God (Jesus Christ) in the summer of 2005. My life began to change so fast and so dramatically that people couldn’t keep up with the transformation. And even though many saw it happening right before their very eyes, they did not want to except nor receive my testimony as to who it was that I knew was responsible for the change happening in my life. Any answer would do… except Jesus. Tell me anything you want to tell me… but just don’t tell me the Truth, don’t tell me it was Jesus.

I turned toward using my gifts and talents in music to spread this same Gospel that I knew was changing my life for good; I have committed my life and testimony to help produce godly change in the lives of others. From 2007-2009 I became a member of a bilingual Christian rap group called O.N.C (Of No Consequence), evangelizing all over Texas as well as reaching people of other countries and nations with our music. Currently I perform as a solo artist and write original music based on the Gospel’s transforming power. The Lord, by His grace alone, has also chosen to use my life in the areas of modeling, acting, co-directing film and co-producing music as an influential means of reaching troubled youth in nations around the world.

I have been drug free since the summer of 2005 and have been diligent in pursuing not only the dreams and visions God has set in my heart, but also this calling for which I was born.  I delight in loving, inspiring, motivating, challenging and blessing others. I currently live in Dallas, Texas, where I continue to pursue the passion for music that was placed in my heart as a young boy.

And finally, I must express one of the most important delightful and meaningful gifts in my life, my family. I am privileged to be the father of a wonderful teenage boy who I am extremely proud of, a beautiful little girl who carries the name of my unforgettable mother, and a husband to a Kingdom queen that never cease to absolutely steal my heart away and bring unending joy to my life and the music I write. 


Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my biography and for having a desire to know more about my life on a personal level. God bless you for supporting and praying for this ministry and for me as one of Gods performing artist.

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