What's Happening with Harmini!

Harmini was recently booked as a song writer for the action trailer and feature film "Brother's Keeper", staring Lawrence Fishburne, Mel Gibson's son (Milo Gibson), Noel G, Abigail Hawk, and many more. He was also booked as songwriter for an upcoming feature film featuring globally known rap artist and actor "Ludacris", which will be announced later on this year.


Harmini recently released his new album titled "Mixed Messages", that is already impacting lives around the globe. His song "God Is GREAT" feat. Da'T.R.U.T.H. is now airing on 100+ radio stations worldwide. His song "Run" is airing on 35+ stations and continuing to gain momentum.


In July 2018, Harmini and his management team joined forces in the creation of their brand new record label - "Rising Higher Recording Label". Many have been blessed by the news and have joined in to congratulate them on thier great accomplishments and continued success.


Harmini has also announced that the 5 music videos he filmed in California this past June, are now in the editing stage and will soon be released sometime in the near future. Stay tuned!

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