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Harmini was recently booked as the main songwriter for the feature film Under The Stadium Lights, starring Laurence Fishburne, Milo Gibson, Noel G, Abigail Hawk, Glenn Morshower, and many more. His new single titled This Changes Everything is the main title track for the feature film. The film hit 55 movie theaters across 17 states throughout America on June 4th, 2021. The music video for this song is available on YouTube. 

Harmini was also recently booked to write the main soundtrack for celebrity actor Wesley Snipes upcoming thriller movie Outbreak Z. 

Harmini was also recently booked not only as an actor, but also as a songwriter of TWO soundtracks for the upcoming million dollar feature film Grafitti North, starring Noel G, Costas Mandylor, and Donny Boaz. Production is pending.

Harmini is now a songwriter for 7 full-length feature documentaries based on the incredible life stories of historical icons. More information regarding this production will be announced later this year! 

Harmini was also booked as an actor and soundtrack songwriter for another upcoming feature film titled "Lycanthrophia". More on that soon!

Harmini is also co-authoring an upcoming book titled "The Producers", which is a dual autobiography based on the life stories of two individuals that is accompanied by real life events. Once the book has been completed, this hilarious comedy/drama/thriller will be made into a full length feature film you won't want to miss! 

Harmini's "Mixed Messages"album and his catalog of singles continue to impact lives around the globe. Songs from the album are airing on radio stations around the world and continue to gain momentum!

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Harmini Named Songwriter Of New Wesley Snipes Movie 'Outbreak Z'
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