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Harmini was recently booked as a songwriter for the action trailer and feature film Brother's Keeper, starring Laurence Fishburne, Mel Gibson's son (Milo Gibson), Noel G, Abigail Hawk, Glenn Morshower, and many more. His new upcoming song titled This Changes Everything will be in the action trailer as well the feature film. The movie is set to hit theaters across America later this fall. The music video for the soundtrack will also be released later this year!

Harmini was also recently booked to write the soundtrack for celebrity actor Wesley Snipes upcoming Netflix movie Outbreak Z, which will feature national R&B UK recording artist Angel.

Harmini was also recently booked as a co-star actor and soundtrack songwriter for an upcoming Western feature film, which will begin production in 2021!

Harmini was recently booked as an actor and soundtrack songwriter for another feature film titled "Death Kiss 2" starring celebrity actor "Danny Trejo" and "Robert Bronzi". Production for this movie will be announced later this year! 

Harmini was recently booked as an actor in another 5 million dollar movie titled "Silent Violence". More on that soon! 

Harmini was also recently booked as an actor and soundtrack songwriter for another upcoming feature film titled "Lycanthrophia". More on that later this year!

Harmini is also co-authoring an upcoming book titled "The Producers", which is a dual autobiography based on the life stories of two individuals that is accompanied by real life events. Once the book has been completed, this hilarious comedy/drama/thriller will be made into a full length feature film! 

Harmini's "Mixed Messages"album continues to impact lives around the globe. Songs from the album are now airing on radio stations worldwide and continue to gain momentum!

Harmini has released 4 of the 5 music videos he filmed in California during the summer of 2019. Other film projects are on the editing table and will be released sometime in the near future. Stay tuned!

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Harmini Named Songwriter Of New Wesley Snipes Movie 'Outbreak Z'

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